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Advocare Products That Can Help Artists

2013-12-21 10:24:03 by MST3KMAN

I thought I'd show you guys the stuff that I recommend if you want to get the most out of your creative thinking or if you need help to get going.

First off

O2 Gold This is kind of like an oxygen pill in the sense that it utilizes nutrients that make your body soak in more oxygen when you breathe.

This stuff is usually advertised for to help get the most from a work out and to help recover after the workout. But it actually does more than that.

I use this product for: Headaches/Migraines Vertigo Stress Relief Nausea Mental Focus

I've had suffered with Migraines for years, I've tried every non prescription pill for it and they either don't work or take almost an hour to kick in.

But with this O2 Gold my pain goes away in ten minutes or less.

I didn't believe my mom when she said I should try these for my headache but they work. Just take two and boom I feel better.

1 bottle at full retail is $38.95 As a distributor at 20% off it's then $31.16 As an Advisor at 40% off it's then $23.37

So you save quite a bit if you go into Advocare for just the discount.

For more information on O2 Gold go here:


Spark This stuff is a mental focused product. It gives you the nutrients that your body needs to stay focus and alert. Our Lead in Indiana has 7 kids, one of this has ADD really bad. She gave her son Spark and within a month his teachers and coaches were asking what she was doing because he's suddenly paying attention. Spark was also tested against Ritalin, and it showed to have greater results.

Another use of Spark is energy, not like Monster or Red Bull where you're on a high for about an hour or so then crash. What Spark does is gives your body the nutrients it needs in order to keep going. Spark does have Caffeine about one cup of coffee worth.

I take spark at the start of my day so that I can actually get up, and about half way through my day to be able to finish it strong.

Spark is the top seller for it's great taste (And I'm all about taste) and fantastic results. If you are struggling with a Coffee habit or a soda habit or even an energy drink habit, you should give Spark a try.  My mom had a $150 a month DIET COKE addiction, and for years she tried to quit but nothing ever worked. After being on Spark regularly for a month, she doesn't care for the taste of it anymore. Now we're saving money and she's getting nutrition that her body hasn't gotten before. She says she feels great and is so happy now.

Spark comes in 8 flavors Cherry Pink Lemonade Citrus Grape Fruit Punch Watermelon Mango Strawberry Mandarin Orange

Spark comes in 14 pouch boxes for $22.95 Distributors get it for $18.36 Advisors get it for $13.77

Spark also comes in canisters of 42 servings for $51.95 Distributors get it for $41.56 Advisors get it for $31.17

For more info on Spark go here:

For those of you that would like to try Spark but really do love that coffee taste, there's Coffeccino. It actually tastes a lot like a mocha Frappaccino from Starbucks. Just mix it in with your water or even try it with milk, you'll get the mental focus and energy and the coffee taste that you crave.

A 14 pouch box of Coffeccino is $38.95 For Distributors $31.16 For Advisors $23.37

For more information on Coffeccino, click here:

AND for those of you who are sensitive to Caffeine or just don't really like the flavors that Spark comes in. Don't worry, Advocare as you covered.

V16 is a caffeine free alternative to Spark. My dad doesn't really like the taste of Spark but he loves V16 with it's Orange flavor.

V16 comes in a 28 pouch box for $38.95 For Distributors $31.16 For Advisors $23.37

For more information on V16, click here:



Slams are sparks but for more on the go. They are the original 5 hour energy drinks and they work so much better.

My Dad is a pharmacist for CVS, he endorses this stuff as much as anyone else in my family, and he works from 8pm - 8am all week. The other night he decided to take a slam to work and another one for his co-worker. He drank it and within 30 minutes he could feel it work. His co-worker came in already tired as hell and my dad gave it to them. 30 minutes later they said "I can feel my hair stand up."

Slams have more of an energy kick to them and still the same caffiene amount as one cup of coffee.

I take these whenever I want to get my art work done. Same mental focus, same energy boost, same great taste.

And being in small bottles it's easy to carry some around with you.

My brother is a truck driver who used to drink 4-6 monsters a day, I'm shocked he didn't die already from that. But my mom gave him a case of Slams and he loves the stuff.

Slams come in 3 flavors Bowl Game Berry Power Punch Strawberry Blast

And they come 12 bottles a case for $35.95 For Distributors $28.76 For Advisors $21.57

For more information on Slams, click here:

These products help me get through my problems from my medical issue, imagine how well they'll work for you.

There are more products within the Active Line that these products come from.

If you're interested in lose some weight or want help with your diet, then check out the Trim Line here:

If you're interested in just improving your health and overall wellness, then check out the Well Line here:

If you already have an active lifestyle but would like to get more out of it, then check out the Performance Elite Line here:

If you are interested in the Distributor and Advisor discounts, then click here for more information:

And finally if you want to really make a change with your health this New Years then take a look at the 24-Day Challenge bundle. It comes with all the products you need to jump start you body and lead you along the road of a healthier lifestyle. You also will get real, person to person, assistance through your challenge from me or other Advocare members. Doing a new diet can be hard and a little scary, but you don't have to do it alone.

The 24-Day Challenge Bundle information can be found here:

Be sure to click on the Product Page link below the product image to get a full run-down of all the products.

Hope you guys enjoy these products as much as I do and that they change your life like they have mine.

Keep being awesome.


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