BRING OUT YOUR CASH! DING! BRING OUT YOUR CASH! DING! (Commissions/request/trades are open)

2013-04-19 19:18:48 by MST3KMAN

Gotta love Monty Python.


I figured I'd make a journal to update my commissions since there's more I do and there's more ways to attain my services. Drawings are usually done during my Livestream (click here -> to get to it). Time turnaround is 1 day - 1 week. If commission has a certain time needed to be done, please give an extra 2 days at least for a buffer zone. (S!@# happens, buffer zones help with that). If you wish to catch my livestreams to watch the work being done (This is the best, you will be able to give input so that you get absolutely what you are wanting) the easiest thing is to bookmark it will tell you if I'm streaming.

The best way to get a hold of me is via private message or Comment.
Other ways are Skype: mst3kman or coming to the livestreams


If you make a request I have some things I would like for you to do. Please tell your friends, make a journal, just spread the word that you like my work and I'm drawing for you. I always am in need of some exposure and it would help me out greatly if you could do so. Also all requests MUST be made during livestreams and ONLY during livestreams. If you have some references that I can use please provide them with the request and you need to remain at the stream for the majority of the time I'm working on your request. This is to make sure that everything is correct and that you have no issues with anything.

With trades; if I am willing to spend the time to work on something for you, I expect it to be taken seriously. If you give me a piece that is obviously slapped together, took you very little time to make, and is lower quality than the rest of your works. I will leave you a comment stating as such and report you. I am very lenient on judging others work since everyone has different levels of skill and education. But if it is obvious that you didn't take the trade seriously, I will take action. For an artist this is one of the most offensive things someone can do to them. It is a slap to the face and it basically says that you don't care about the time I put into the trade and the effort I put into it. I feel extremely strong about this so just do your best and I'll have no issue with it. (I've had an experience with this which is why I'm making this clear.)


Commissions can be done via Paypal. Price ranges depending on complexity of piece.

CHARACTER ILLUSTRATIONS (Prices are for each character)

Line Art: Clean lines
Cost: $5 - $10

Flat Works: Line work + 1 layer of color.
Cost: $10 - $15

Cell Shades: Line work + 1 layer of color + 1 layer of shading (Hard edge or soft edge)
Cost: $15 - $20

Full Render: All the above + detailed shading/lighting/color work + simple background(or transparency)
Cost: $25 - $30

Cost: $5 - $15


Line Work
Cost: $5

Flat Work
Cost: $7

Cell Shade
Cost: $10

Full Render
Cost: $15

Cost: $5 - $15

Per character: $3
Per Panal: $3
Line Work: $10
Flat Work: $15
Cell Shade: $20
Full Render: $30

Example: 3 Characters + 5 Panals + Full Render = $54

Character concept sheet prices are determined by the prices of illustrations. CCSs basic package come with 3 drawings (front, back, action pose) Any additional drawings is extra.

Sketch: 300 Points
Linework: $15 - $30
Flat: $30 - $45
Cell Shade: $45 - $60
Full Render: $75 - $90

Items(Accessories or weapons): $1 - $10 each

Transportation: $20 - $40 each

Head Shots
Sketch: $1 - $3 each
Line: $4 - $6 each
Flat: $7 - $9 each
Cell Shade: $10 - $12 each
Full Render: $14 - $20 each
Background: $5 - $10

Additional Poses:
Linework: $5 - $10 each
Flat: $10 - $15 each
Cell Shade: $15 - $20 each
Full Render: $25 - $30 each


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