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Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a really good game that sucks you in. Specially if you're into RTS games or games like Civilization.

The art was my least favorite thing about this, not that it's bad really, it certainly is a certain style that even a friend of mine does. But I guess it's fitting for this.

The part I thought was most fitting was the music. It just sounds like a zombie tune. It feels empty and dreadful with that occasional high pitch sound that I don't know what it is but it sounds distant which adds to the emptiness which sounds funny.

The Gameplay is really good and I love the fact that characters can gain and improve skills by doing the activities that are used. By the end of the game everyone was a near expert soldier or was one. I had my group of scientists, scavengers, and constructors. Then my character was the only one that was diplomatic which I felt was fitting. This is a brilliant way of doing a colony simulation in RTS/Turnbased form.

Very easy to get sucked in and very hard to stop playing. Even the random zombie attacks made me be like, "OH SHIT...... ok we're good" and the hordes worried me so damn much, "EVERYONE GET ONT HE WALLS!!!"

This is a great game and I'd love to see more.

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Angry Bees Angry Bees

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Art was really good, cute and pleasing on the eyes.
The music was really good, I couldn't really tell that it was the same song looping over and over and over which is hard to pull off.
Story was simple and great at establishing what's going on. Some might not think that's important for a game like this but I'd rather know why I'm killing all these bees and why they're trying to take my honey. Makes it more fun to play.
The gameplay was good, though (with my experience) was the weakest point. I ran into a glitch or something where I would use the bazooka but the missiles would explode before they'd get to the attacking bees. Which made some waves more tense but not in the good way. Not in the "Oh Crap there's a ton of them" but more like, "DAMNIT KILL THEM ALREADY!" so that was a bit of a drag. Otherwise this is a really good game and good to burn like 20 minutes of your time.

Arrival In Hell 2 Arrival In Hell 2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Well comparing to the last one this is a huge improvement. Better animations, better scenery, better voice acting....but it's not a 10...or 9....

There were some issues with this...mainly logical issues and story issues and continuity issues. I really don't want to get into the logica issues cuz it seems that games like these don't have a whole lot of logic with their items. This was better than most I've seen or played but still some strange things made. The story.... while still ambiguous about the monsters, suffers with the confusion that is Mag. I can go along with the fact about the monsters being mysterious...and the magic man cell didn't really tell anything except that he some how has a connection with them. I could say he summoned them but that wouldn't be consistent with the first one...where everyone knew about them save your guy. Now Mag....WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING THERE?! Is she a doctor? cuz this didn't really show to be a mental institution even though there's a crazy in the same cells as the not so crazy. Who the hell is the guy she loves, there's not explaining except for a picture with man of my life and stuff.

The story really just got more confusing with extra things thrown in with not as much info. If you're going to make a third one, focus on explanations and story. The animation is not perfect but it's acceptable now so I don't think you should worry about that. This one was more of something to do when I'm bored thing mainly because of the story.

Over all I'd give this a 5/10, for the improvement.

cicla responds:

You are wrong, if you keep attention to the story you will notice that, Kalengo and Magda are having an affair, they were planning to escape together but everything went wrong and then she had to escape alone by cheating the pilot. Then you appear and she uses you to get her "Insulin" back... If you want to understand the story better, you should Unlock the Timeline of events by collecting the 4 secret items (which also help you understand more the story) or by getting the 3 different endings in a row. Anyways i think you are being a lil bit Radical for voting 5 out of 10, just cause you couldnt understand some points of the story.

Arrival In Hell Arrival In Hell

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Not good....but has potential

Animation: Ok so the AUTHOR COMMENTS says that you updated this game...and so I was having high hopes that this was really improved. I never noticed the hand thing so I didn't care about that. I didn't want to play a second time so I didn't care about that. But the walk animation...still looks like crap. Still looks like he's taken a dump in his suit and it's just ridiculous looking. The things the guy does is opposite with what he says like how he won't steal from the guard, won't even touch the dead guard in the hall but totally fine with cutting his hand off...and he smiles like the INSANE guy would. Then the "scared guard" shaking looks more like the "jerking off guard" and when he's slapped out of it he'll sit there and just open his mouth for no reason. Then, what I can assume are cutscenes, are just....bad. If you're going to have cut scenes either make them look like the gameplay characters or have a little bit more detail. They look completely different to the gameplay. And the text is pretty pointless in this game...since you can't read half of the the scanner text and the dialog text is more like a little kid wrote it and it's in the way of the game. Then one thing that really annoyed me was the seriously looks like a toothbrush.

Music: It was alright and the ending credits music was actually pretty cool comparing to the rest of the game.

Voice: But the voice acting....I'm sorry but that was disgusting, I've watched horrible movies that had a hell of a lot better voice work in it.

Plot: Very....knockoff...No it's not just because of THE SUFFERING. I have seen this idea of "prison is hell" thing is mainly movies and such from before this game was made. But it's something that makes sense...MONSTER GET OUT!...and then that's also the problem. There are 3 things that make a game great or at least playable. GRAPHICS/STORY/GAMPLAY and this suffers a lot in all three. Since I pretty much took care of graphics and a bit of gameplay in my ANIMATION section I'll spare you from that. Story...not really a story there. If this game were a book it would have a cover...that's it. This game raises more questions than answers: Why is there a monster? Why does everyone but your character about the monster? Why does the guy know all? How did he know he would need the deoderant...or why use the deorderant at all when there are a bunch of giant cans of gas? Why is the guy in prison when he has higher moral values than even the guards would? Did he die at the end or just knocked out? Are there more monsters? HOW THE HELL DID HE PICK UP THAT BURNING CHUNCK OF FLESH WITH HIS SUIT WHEN IT WAS BURNING THROUGH CONCRETE AND IT BURNED THROUGH METAL?! be honest this game sucks on execution. You have such a great chance to totally make us sick or scare us with an idea that prison is hell but it didn't seem to happen at all. The name makes no sense since you don't see the guy come to the prison or anything. To be honest this was just a fun idea done lazily and that's as nice as I can be about this. But what I can really see is that you enjoy this and have potential so I hope you're other stuff is a lot better than this. Sorry but that's just how I feel about this thing.

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